intentional discipleship

We are all called to introduce and lead people towards a personal relationship with Jesus.


Attitude of excellence

Excellence is not a one time act. Excellence is a way of life.


Personal Responsibility

Not everything can be done by someone else. God created you on purpose for purpose.


Persistent PRayer

Talk with God. Everyday!


engaging worship

Worship is more than singing on Sunday mornings. Worship is a way of life!


Outward focus

Sunday mornings equip us to reach those outside of church.


Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual Transformation takes place daily as we become less like ourselves and more like Jesus.


Leading With Honor

Jesus set the example for leading by serving.


Relentless Love

We will love God with all that we are and love others as Jesus has loved us.


Dangerous Faith

God will give you the faith to live outside of your comfort zone.


Meaningful Relationships

God created us to be in relationship. With Him and with others. What does it take to make those meaningful?


Gracious Generosity

Let’s be gracious with the resources that God has given us.


Relevant Teaching

Jesus taught in Parables, relevant to what the people were living at the time, to help them understand the depth and the magnitude of what He was saying to them.


Purposeful Deployment

We were created on purpose with a purpose.


Sense of Urgency

We have one less day today than we did yesterday. Time is important and what we do with that time is more important.


Unified Diversity

We are all different and that's a good thing. We all have a unified goal and that's a God thing.