Revolution is place where our middle school and high school students learn about how Jesus and the Bible are still relevant in the world they live in today. Our students deal with realities that generations before did not and our students deal with realities that every generation has dealt with. When Jesus walked this earth some 2000 years ago He set the example for how we should deal with every situation and how we should interact with others when we do. Our goal is live out that example and be an example to others. Yes, we're young but that's not going to stop us. Just as as Paul told young Timothy to not let his age hold him back, we teach that same mentality every week.

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young. Instead, set an example for the believers through your speech, behavior, love, faith, and purity.
— Β 1 Timothy 4:12

Join the Revolution every Wednesday evening at 6:00pm at our Sylva Campus and see how God can change your life, your family, your friends and your schools. 


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